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Dutch Court of Appeal does not clear Dahabshiil of Terror and Criminal Allegations
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Dutch Court of Appeal
Journalist Dahir Alasow wins important case for press freedom in Somalia against Dahabshill in Dutch Court of Appeal
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Special Reports

Puntland President succeeds to be sacked Somalia's Ambassador to Iraq over the Hobyo Seaport

0 Visits: 6200 | Wednesday April 13, 2016 - 17:46:27
Federal Prime Minister Omar Abdirashiid Ali Sharmarke and Puntland state of Somalia's President Abdiweli Gaas managed to sack the former Somali ambassador to Iraq.

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[Topnews Sir Culus] Wariye AlCadaala oo loo diiday Visaha dal ku galka UK ["Ma ogtahay iney Xaaskiisii ka furteen AlShabaab"]

0 Visits: 9932 | Friday April 08, 2016 - 22:44:19
Diplomaasi ka tirsan Safaaradda Ingiriiska ee Somalia ayaa sheegay in Wariye Cabdiraxmaan AlCadaala soo weeydiistay [Visaha] dal ku galka Ingiriiska balse ay baaris dheer kadib go-aansadeen ineysan siinin.

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[Topnews:-]Hassan Geesey Wariye mise argagixiso qaabilsan shirqoolka Wariyeyaasha ?

0 Visits: 11487 | Tuesday April 05, 2016 - 21:25:19 - Dilaagii Wariyeyaasha Somalia Hassan Haji Hanafi ayaa markii ugu horeeysay kashifay in Hassan Ali Geesey ka tirsan yahay argagixisadda Al-Shabaab uuna gacan weyn ka geeystay dilalkii loo geeystay Wariyeyaal Soomaaliyeed sida Sheekh Nur Abkeey,Salaad Xiis ,Abdirahman Mohamed Ali,Abdullahi…

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Somaliland's Dangerous Proxy War in Somalia

0 Visits: 9782 | Thursday February 18, 2016 - 04:36:02 - The rising level of violence in Somalia has triggered widespread calls to reevaluate the African Union role in the country. As senior western diplomat acknowledged, "there is not enough AMISOM troops to win the war again al-Shabaab. There is growing evidence, however that the solution…

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Video Top secret of Airplane bomber - Somaliland -Shabaab ? 16F Seat -Ticket Angola

0 Visits: 9941 | Tuesday February 16, 2016 - 01:00:33
Mogadishu - Somalia: The Waagacusub Media reported that according to U.S investigators, the suspected bomber, who was blown out of the Daallo airlines applied for his Somali passport online from Hargeisa.

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Kenya:Video Dahabshiil manager charged with recruiting young Kenyans to Al-Shabaab

0 Visits: 6952 | Saturday February 06, 2016 - 04:17:36 - Dozens of men, including Dahabshiil's deputy manager of South Africa, are charged with recruiting for Al-Shabaab in Kenya.

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Somalia cancels flights Mogadishu to Hargeisa

0 Visits: 5251 | Friday February 05, 2016 - 03:03:31 - Somalia's immigration has ordered to be halted the flights from Mogadishu to Hargeisa and Berbera, amid new tensions between the Federal government and Hargeisa administration.

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Somali President denies sharing to be given Banadir Province

0 Visits: 4867 | Wednesday January 27, 2016 - 02:02:57 - Somali tribes of Majeerteen and Isaaq in Puntland and Somaliland will be given three more seats each in the Upper House, Somali Federal President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, announced at this week's Mogadishu consultation meeting.

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Dahabshiil prosecuted for 'aiding Al-Shabaab terrorists' - archynewsy

0 Visits: 2522 | Monday December 14, 2015 - 04:36:23
Her boy, Harbi Hussein, who had been born in New You are able to however resides in Minnesota, filed the situation in Manhattan federal court a week ago against Dahabshiil, the biggest money-transfer company in Africa.

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Ururadda Nusoj iyo Asoj oo ka hadlay gacan ku dhiiglayaal sheegta Suxufiyiin?

0 Visits: 4309 | Wednesday October 28, 2015 - 09:13:51
ASOJ.ORG - Xoghayaha guud ee Ururka Suxufiyiinta Qaranka Soomaaliyeed Omar Faruk Osman ayaa sheegay in tilaabo sharciya laga qaadi doono Mohamed Ibrahim Bakistan iyo shaqsiyaad kale oo dilal,hanjabaad iyo dhibaato u geeystay Suxufiyiin Soomaaliyeed.

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CCA-The Christianization of Somalia -Mohamed Ajib ?

0 Visits: 7045 | Tuesday October 27, 2015 - 03:11:18 - I have been investigating the misdeeds of an NGO who works in Somali to Christianize more than 234 young people in Mogadishu.

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Somalia:Mohamed Bakistan and his involvement in killing journalists ?

0 Visits: 4424 | Monday October 26, 2015 - 02:47:40
Mohamed Ibrahim {Pakistan} facilitated the killing of five Somali journalists that were killed by government officials and Dahabshill Company in return of the small amount of money, according to an investigation conducted by Waagacusub Media and independent researchers.

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Somalia:Who is behind the killing of the journalists?

0 Visits: 4869 | Saturday October 24, 2015 - 05:21:49 – After a joint investigation conducted by the Federal government and International independent Organizations, the individuals and the solely company behind the death of the Waagacusub Media's English-Editor was obtained.

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Somaliland: Why Muse Bihi will never be a president?

0 Visits: 3862 | Friday October 16, 2015 - 02:44:18 - Chairman Muse Bihi Abdi is one of the very few surviving SNM high ranking officials, who fought during the course of the armed struggle of Somali National Movement directed at the ouster of the despotic regime of Siad Bare of Somalia.

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Somalia:Investigative journalist draws support from Somaliland town residents

0 Visits: 3498 | Saturday October 10, 2015 - 17:32:24
Burao, Somalia ( Breda-based investigative journalist who exposed malpractices, corruption by government officials and terrorism finances by private companies has received drawn an outpouring support from residents in Erigavo and Burao towns in the breakaway Somaliland region, late this…

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U.S-China battle over the Ogaden Basin, different powers emerge to play in the same old field

0 Visits: 4401 | Tuesday October 06, 2015 - 00:01:40 - Oil and gas rich Ogaden region borders Somalia, Kenya and the tiny Eastern African state of Djibouti. Ogaden, home to 7-8 Million ethnic Somalis and is twice the size of England and Wales together has been ravaged by famine, droughts, tribal strife, mass refugees movements and successive…

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IFJ backs Somalian union in deploring "chilling" killing of a journalist

0 Visits: 1892 | Friday September 11, 2015 - 02:04:46
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has today backed its affiliate, the National Union of Somali Journalists (NUSOJ), in deploring the cold-blooded assassination of journalist Abdullahi Ali Hussein last 8 September in the capital, Mogadishu.

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0 Visits: 1336 | Friday September 11, 2015 - 01:56:31
Reporters Without Borders is shocked and saddened to learn that Abdullahi Ali Hussein, the editor of the English-language section of the Somali online newspaper Waagasucub, was gunned down in the Mogadishu district of Dharkenley on 8 September.

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Netherlands:Breda journalist threatened with death

0 Visits: 3716 | Wednesday September 09, 2015 - 08:02:01
BREDA - The Breda resident Somali journalist Dahir Alasow is threatened in a video on Youtube with death. Because of security threat the court in Breda has a lawsuit Wednesday that would serve against the deferred Bredanaar.

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Rechtszaak uitgesteld vanwege youtube-bedreiging

0 Visits: 2278 | Wednesday September 09, 2015 - 07:19:48
Vanwege een veiligheidsdreiging heeft de rechtbank in Breda een kort geding, dat woensdag zou dienen tegen de in Breda woonachtige Somalische journalist Dahir Alasow uitgesteld. De man wordt in een video op Youtube bedreigd met de dood. ,,Ik word al jaren bedreigd door de islamitische terreurorganisatie…

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Somalia: Underage minority girl raped and knifed as video showed - A group of boys raped a young underage girl from minority subclan by cutting her with knife and threatening her to kill.

Dutch Court of Appeal does not clear Dahabshiil of Terror and Criminal Allegations

PRESS RELEASE The Netherlands, 6 January 2017

Somalia: Galmudug President voted out of office by state Parliament

ADADO, Somalia- The President of Somalia's Galmudug state, Abdikarim Husain Guled has lost no-confidence vote at the state Parliament on Tuesday, after MPs criticized him of poor leadership, Garowe Online reports.

Ethiopia and Kenya's secret plan to subvert Somalia - The transparency website WikiLeaks late on Tuesday disclosed a secret plan to annex and divide Somalia between Kenya and Ethiopia.

Somalia:Video TELESOM Donates the Hefty Sum of $500,000 to the Somaliland Drought Relief Committee

ZAAD becomes the most used Money transfer service to deliver Donations to Drought affected families.

Somalia: Underage minority girl raped and knifed as video showed - A group of boys raped a young underage girl from minority subclan by cutting her with knife and threatening her to kill. Full Article



Somalia's landmark electoral process has dominated discussions in public places across the Horn of Africa country over the past few months, as Somalis examine the democratic progress the country has made after years of civil war. Full Article



The United Nations, African Union, European Union, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, Ethiopia, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States are concerned about the unfolding dispute within the Galmudug regional assembly and between members of the assembly and President Abdikarim Guled. Full Article


Somaliland:Traditional leaders express their gratitude to Telesom for donation and awareness towards drought calamity

A well-attended thanksgiving ceremony organized by Togdheer Regional and Traditional leaders at Hotel City Plaza, to convey a unison gratification to the leading telecommunication Company Telesom. Full Article


As ISIS Struggles for Influence in Somalia, al-Shabab Remains the Main Threat

The so-called Islamic State received some modest good news recently from Somalia, in what has otherwise been a dismal stretch of losses for the jihadi group. In October Full Article


Amid dwindling donor support, one million displaced Somali refugees grow hopeless, UN agency warns

UNHCR Special Envoy Mohamed Abdi Affey (second, right) listens to a Somali refugee in Dadaab, Kenya, who has opted to return home under a voluntary repatriation programme. Photo: UNHCR/Modesta Ndubi Full Article


Ethiopia and Kenya's secret plan to subvert Somalia - The transparency website WikiLeaks late on Tuesday disclosed a secret plan to annex and divide Somalia between Kenya and Ethiopia. Full Article


Tory donor threatens to stop funding over Brexit plans

A major Tory donor has warned that he will stop funding the party if Theresa May's Brexit plans involve the UK coming out of the single market. Full Article


Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Suspect Santiago held

Police in Florida have questioned a suspected gunman after five people were killed and eight injured in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport. Full Article