Somalia:beggar Minister and Con Artist MP

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    Somalia:beggar Minister and Con Artist MP

    Is Minister Yariisow a government official or a beggar ?

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Is Minister Yariisow a government official or a beggar ?

Sunatimes.com - Several international agencies complained about the greedy nature of Somalia’s minister of information Abdurahman Yariisow who is demanding day and night assistance in cash or in kind for his nongovernment agency instead of serving the government that appointed him for an important political position.   

In two months time, he wrote 27 bagger style letters to foreign envoys, aid agencies, and mainly to organizations based in the United Arab Emirates requesting money for a fictitious organization co owned by him and called Tubta Toosan.

According to Yariisow and another con artist Mustaf Duhulow, MP and political middleman in the office of the Prime Minister.

The premier, Hassan Ali Kheyre,  and Duhulow hail from the sub subclan of Murusade known Habar-eno.

Yariisow and his master Duhulow collects young boys and girls from Mogadishu and describe them later as defectors from the terrorist organization of Shabab, a tricky exercise aimed at collecting funds from unsuspecting donors that are committed to fighting terrorism.

"The two greedy elements are commercializing the fight against terror and are simply feeding their greedy pockets," said Ahmed, 34, who works in the ministry of information in the Somali capital.

The two fraudsters demand generators, cars and a lot of equipment in which some were sold even before they reach Somalia, according to informed sources.

Abdurahman Omar Osman [Yariisow] claims to be a civil engineer neither he built a house or a makeshift as a professional but he is always after murky business and in the UK he was doing fake community work to steal money from needy refugees.

"Where is his profession and how he used it," questioned Asha Abdullahi who is his close relative.

"I see him as a professional beggar but not a politician or a civil engineer," she added.

Yariisow was accused by two Somali young girls of rape and systematic sex enslavement but the current Somali government undermined or failed to act and Yariisow is still in office.

The story of the mistreated girls will be compiled with video evidence soon as well as testimonials.

By Jefrey Shipy

[email protected]

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Somalia:beggar Minister and Con Artist MP

Is Minister Yariisow a government official or a beggar ?

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Somalia:beggar Minister and Con Artist MP

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