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Dutch Court of Appeal does not clear Dahabshiil of Terror and Criminal Allegations
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Dutch Court of Appeal
Journalist Dahir Alasow wins important case for press freedom in Somalia against Dahabshill in Dutch Court of Appeal
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Ethiopia:Protest Crackdown Killed Hundreds

0 Visits: 1703 | Thursday June 16, 2016 - 04:16:46
Free Wrongfully Held Detainees, Independent Inquiry Needed (Nairobi, June 16, 2016) – Ethiopian security forces have killed more than 400 protesters and others, and arrested tens of thousands more during widespread protests in the Oromia region since November 2015, Human Rights Watch said in a report…

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ILO Reprimands Somali Government Over Union Rights

0 Visits: 1081 | Tuesday June 14, 2016 - 04:11:23
The struggle for respecting and recognition of independent trade unions has been brought back into the spotlight, following an objection filed against Somali government for violating ILO Constitution.

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[Wardegdega:-] Xildhibaan Faarax Topaz oo lagu helay dimbi weyn iyo Xeer ilaaliyaha oo Jibouti orad ku tegay ?

0 Visits: 12404 | Sunday June 12, 2016 - 00:33:44 - Markab siday shixnad aan la ogeyn waxeey tahay balse lagu sheegay Gargaar bini-aadamnimo ayaa laga soo celshay Magaalada Xudayda ee Wadanka Yemen kadib markii ay gacanta ku dhigeen Ciidanka badda Saudi Arabia.

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Somalia:A list of officials that Damul Jadeed decided to assassinate

0 Visits: 6563 | Wednesday June 08, 2016 - 08:16:14 — The Islamist party of Damul Jadeed has already succeeded to assassinate a number of Somali patriots , including MP Faysal, MP Yusuf Dirir, MP Kobaweyne and MP Gure, Commander Degabadan, Businessman Abdirashid Ilkeyte, among others. But now they are planning to assassinate other officials:-

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[Daawo muuqaal murugo badan:-] Dhiigshiil oo xaflad weyn u sameeyay xuska maalinta Ginbot Ethiopia?

0 Visits: 17061 | Wednesday June 08, 2016 - 05:48:14
Daawo Dhiigshiil oo xaflad weyn u qabatay Sanadguuradda xuska 20 Ginbot Ethiopia iyadoo garoon weyn u kireeysay dabaaldega cadawga ummadda Soomaaliyeed ee shalay iyo doraad afartan qof oo Somalia ku xasuuqay Gaashaamo.

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Kenya:A fierce rivalry between BBC Somali journalists emerged because of their clannish mentality.

0 Visits: 5236 | Friday June 03, 2016 - 19:00:46 - BBC Somali journalists based in Nairobi started a fierce misunderstanding of each other because of their clan affiliation. Abdirisak Haji Atosh is the one started the contention.

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[Daawo] xogtii Dahir Alasow 14 Feb 2016 iyo tan Wariye Afrika ee natiijadda weerarkii Daallo - dhaliisha muuqata?

0 Visits: 17116 | Tuesday May 31, 2016 - 22:50:48
Labadaan Warbixin ee muuqaaladda iyo xogta weerarkii Daallo Airlines waxaan ugu tala galnay shacabka Soomaaliyeed iney ku xaqiiqsadaan xog ogaalnimadda Warbaahinta Waagacusub kadib markii maanta oo ay taariikhdu tahay 31 May 2016 laga baahiyay SNTV natiijadda baaristii bilooyinka socotay ee falkaas.

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[Topnews:-]Guddigga Khaatleeyda oo khilaaf ka dhex curtay Lacagta musuqmaasuqa Manaan iyo Afrax qeybta 1-aad.

0 Visits: 4265 | Monday May 30, 2016 - 08:58:24
Warbaahinta Waagacusub oo baaris qoto dheer ku sameeysay musuqmaasuqa gudigga Khaat Walayaasha Muqdisho ayaa go-aansatay iney biloowdo warbixino xasaasiya oo taxane noqon doono kuwaas oo aan marba laba ka mida gudigga ku qaadaa dhigi doono.

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[Daawo] Ganacsade Deylaaf oo guri ka dhacay Nin Ajuuraana

0 Visits: 0 | Monday May 30, 2016 - 01:23:17
Daawo Ganacsade Deylaaf oo guri ka dhacay Nin Ajuuraana

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Trade Unions Drag Somali Government to ILO

0 Visits: 1796 | Thursday May 26, 2016 - 23:32:08
The International Labour Organisation (ILO)'s Committee on Freedom of Association will be interrogating a delegation from the Federal Government of Somalia over violations of human and trade union rights.

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Somalia:Reports of Extortion Scandal in the Ministry of Finance

0 Visits: 5822 | Wednesday May 25, 2016 - 14:28:01 - Some of the Khat entrepreneurs in Mogadishu unveiled extortions, bribery and other acts of indiscipline being conducted by the deputy finance minister Abdullahi Mohamed Nur, Waagacusub Media reports.

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Video Top secret of Airplane bomber - Somaliland -Shabaab ? 16F Seat -Ticket Angola

0 Visits: 9941 | Tuesday February 16, 2016 - 01:00:33
Mogadishu - Somalia: The Waagacusub Media reported that according to U.S investigators, the suspected bomber, who was blown out of the Daallo airlines applied for his Somali passport online from Hargeisa.

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Somali jet suspect 'checked in on Turkish Airlines'

0 Visits: 4167 | Sunday February 07, 2016 - 21:34:40
Suspect and 73 other passengers meant to board Turkish Airlines flight, which was cancelled, Daallo Airlines chief says.

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Kenya:Video Dahabshiil manager charged with recruiting young Kenyans to Al-Shabaab

0 Visits: 6952 | Saturday February 06, 2016 - 04:17:36 - Dozens of men, including Dahabshiil's deputy manager of South Africa, are charged with recruiting for Al-Shabaab in Kenya.

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Dahabshiil prosecuted for 'aiding Al-Shabaab terrorists' - archynewsy

0 Visits: 2522 | Monday December 14, 2015 - 04:36:23
Her boy, Harbi Hussein, who had been born in New You are able to however resides in Minnesota, filed the situation in Manhattan federal court a week ago against Dahabshiil, the biggest money-transfer company in Africa.

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Somalia:Mohamed Bakistan and his involvement in killing journalists ?

0 Visits: 4424 | Monday October 26, 2015 - 02:47:40
Mohamed Ibrahim {Pakistan} facilitated the killing of five Somali journalists that were killed by government officials and Dahabshill Company in return of the small amount of money, according to an investigation conducted by Waagacusub Media and independent researchers.

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Somalia:Who is behind the killing of the journalists?

0 Visits: 4869 | Saturday October 24, 2015 - 05:21:49 – After a joint investigation conducted by the Federal government and International independent Organizations, the individuals and the solely company behind the death of the Waagacusub Media's English-Editor was obtained.

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Somalia : Passports are for sale - Who's Isse Ali Dhere ?

0 Visits: 3248 | Tuesday October 20, 2015 - 22:04:26 - Somalia identity became for sale after individuals started to sell it, waagacusub Media obtained after an investigation.

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Somalia:Investigative journalist draws support from Somaliland town residents

0 Visits: 3498 | Saturday October 10, 2015 - 17:32:24
Burao, Somalia ( Breda-based investigative journalist who exposed malpractices, corruption by government officials and terrorism finances by private companies has received drawn an outpouring support from residents in Erigavo and Burao towns in the breakaway Somaliland region, late this…

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U.S-China battle over the Ogaden Basin, different powers emerge to play in the same old field

0 Visits: 4401 | Tuesday October 06, 2015 - 00:01:40 - Oil and gas rich Ogaden region borders Somalia, Kenya and the tiny Eastern African state of Djibouti. Ogaden, home to 7-8 Million ethnic Somalis and is twice the size of England and Wales together has been ravaged by famine, droughts, tribal strife, mass refugees movements and successive…

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Somalia: Underage minority girl raped and knifed as video showed - A group of boys raped a young underage girl from minority subclan by cutting her with knife and threatening her to kill.

Dutch Court of Appeal does not clear Dahabshiil of Terror and Criminal Allegations

PRESS RELEASE The Netherlands, 6 January 2017

Somalia: Galmudug President voted out of office by state Parliament

ADADO, Somalia- The President of Somalia's Galmudug state, Abdikarim Husain Guled has lost no-confidence vote at the state Parliament on Tuesday, after MPs criticized him of poor leadership, Garowe Online reports.

Ethiopia and Kenya's secret plan to subvert Somalia - The transparency website WikiLeaks late on Tuesday disclosed a secret plan to annex and divide Somalia between Kenya and Ethiopia.

Somalia:Video TELESOM Donates the Hefty Sum of $500,000 to the Somaliland Drought Relief Committee

ZAAD becomes the most used Money transfer service to deliver Donations to Drought affected families.

Somalia: Underage minority girl raped and knifed as video showed - A group of boys raped a young underage girl from minority subclan by cutting her with knife and threatening her to kill. Full Article



Somalia's landmark electoral process has dominated discussions in public places across the Horn of Africa country over the past few months, as Somalis examine the democratic progress the country has made after years of civil war. Full Article



The United Nations, African Union, European Union, Inter-Governmental Authority on Development, Ethiopia, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States are concerned about the unfolding dispute within the Galmudug regional assembly and between members of the assembly and President Abdikarim Guled. Full Article


Somaliland:Traditional leaders express their gratitude to Telesom for donation and awareness towards drought calamity

A well-attended thanksgiving ceremony organized by Togdheer Regional and Traditional leaders at Hotel City Plaza, to convey a unison gratification to the leading telecommunication Company Telesom. Full Article


As ISIS Struggles for Influence in Somalia, al-Shabab Remains the Main Threat

The so-called Islamic State received some modest good news recently from Somalia, in what has otherwise been a dismal stretch of losses for the jihadi group. In October Full Article


Amid dwindling donor support, one million displaced Somali refugees grow hopeless, UN agency warns

UNHCR Special Envoy Mohamed Abdi Affey (second, right) listens to a Somali refugee in Dadaab, Kenya, who has opted to return home under a voluntary repatriation programme. Photo: UNHCR/Modesta Ndubi Full Article


Ethiopia and Kenya's secret plan to subvert Somalia - The transparency website WikiLeaks late on Tuesday disclosed a secret plan to annex and divide Somalia between Kenya and Ethiopia. Full Article


Tory donor threatens to stop funding over Brexit plans

A major Tory donor has warned that he will stop funding the party if Theresa May's Brexit plans involve the UK coming out of the single market. Full Article


Fort Lauderdale airport shooting: Suspect Santiago held

Police in Florida have questioned a suspected gunman after five people were killed and eight injured in a shooting at Fort Lauderdale airport. Full Article